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Metalization Techniques::

Direct Bond Copper :: (more info)
Copper foil is eutectically bonded with a copper oxide to a substrate surface at approximately 1064 °C. The Copper foil is usually .005" thru .012" thick. DBC finds application as a "Thermal Management" solution for 'High Power” substrates. This substrate can handle power at substantially higher levels than any other conventional metalizing method. Parts can be subsequently nickel and gold plated as required. Stellar has complete on-site manufacturing capabilities

Refractory Metalizations ::
Molybdenum-Manganese and/ or Molybdenum-Tungsten screen printed to a BeO ; Alumina; or AlN substrate. Great for high temperature applications where substrates and metalization must be withstand brazing temperatures in the 700-900 degree Celcius range.
Thick Film Al2O3, BeO ::
Complete on-siteThick Film manufacturing capabilities. Any quantity from prototype thru production quantities can be delivered to customer requirements. Specialized Aluminum Nitride thick-film processes developed at Stellar Industries have been in products for the past 15 years. No longer a developmental technique, Aluminum Nitride thick film circuits are a reality in today’s marketplace.

Special thick film wrap-arounds along with via thru hole metalization techniques are a routine daily production technique.

Gold, Platinum-Gold, Silver, Palladium-Silver, and Copper pastes are available.
Thin Films ::
We currently stock a wide variety of metalized substrates with metalizing schemes such as:
Plate up 3 mil copper NiCr/Cu/Ni/Au

We can produce from prototype thru production on standard size 2.0" x 2.0" up to 5"x7" or photopattern; etch; and dice individual parts to customer specifications. Thru-hole metalization is standard with us.
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