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Selective Gold / Tin Metalization ::

Gold / Tin can be selectively deposited on the submount to enhance die placement or to adhere the submount to a heat sink eliminating the need for AuSn preforms. This offers increased yields and increased reliability while reducing initial inventory and assembly costs.

Special Compositions Available ::
80/20 Au/Sn (80% Au / 20% Sn)
75/25 Au/Sn (75% Au / 25% Sn)
73/27 Au/Sn (75% Au / 25% Sn)
  • Gold rich surfaces may need special mixes of Au/Sn in order to eliminate embrittlement of final eutectic solder joint. Nickel or Platinum barriers available.
  • Precision placement of AuSn
  • Controlled AuSn thickness 3-5 µm eliminates solder rollup at critical edge areas. Other custom thicknesses available
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