Stellar Industries
Thermal Management Specialists
Ceramic Machining ::
Stellar Industries Corp. offers extensive in-house ceramic machining capabilities for the most exacting applications. Stellar's specialization in power and high current microelectronics demands that thermal ceramics such as beryllium oxide, aluminum nitride, and alumina be lapped to meet exacting tolerances and specifications to insure good contact with mating surfaces. Stellar Industries can provide the following machining services:
Lapping ::
Parallel plate and surface lapping holding size to as fine as +/- 50 millionths of an inch and flatness specifications measured in the helium light band range.
Polishing ::
Proprietary polishing processes offers the finest 2 microinch aluminum nitride surfaces available for demanding thin film applications. Proprietary cleaing and exclusion of alkaline cleaners insure AlN surface integrity for improved thin film adhesion. AlN, BeO, & Al2O3 structure up to 6" x 6" sizes can be accomodated.
Laser Drilling & Scribing::
Laser machining on AlN without leaving conductive aluminum slag can be achieved with 0.002" absolute and relative resolution.
Diamond Dicing::
Full 5" capacity DISCO diamond dicing capabilities to 0.0002" absolute accuracies are achievable

BeO Clean-Air Firing & Alumina Annealing:
High temperaure environmental furnaces to clean-air fire BeO and sinter fire alumina to reconstitute bulk material properties and anneal laser surface damage.

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