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Laser Diode Submounts :: Al2O3, AlN & BeO Thin Film Metalized
Precision metalized submounts on high thermal conductivity ceramics for laser diode submount applications, Available on 2µ-inch polished AlN and BeO ceramics with thin film metalization for improved Au/Sn and Au/Ge preform soldering of fragile diode devices. Improved edge quality with diamond machined edges to permit precision planar alignment in diode mounting.
Substrate Material
Aluminum Nitride: 170 W/mK Thermal Conductivity
200 W/mK Available on special orders
Beryllium Oxide: 280 W/mk Thermal Conductivity
Alumina Oxide: 20-30 W/mK Thermal Conductivity
Surface Finish:
Less than 2µ-in. Polished Surfaces.
Thin Film: Ti/Pt/Au: 1000Â/1500Â/5000Â
  Ti/Ni/Au: 1000Â/1500Â/100µin
  NiCr/Ni/Au: 300Â/1500Â/100µin
:: Custom Metalizations and Thicknesses available upon request.
:: Standard Thick Film Wrap-Arounds
:: Special Thin Film Wrap-Arounds on special orders
Photopatterning: Custom patterning available to 0.0005" resolution.
Thick Films:  
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